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How fast do the photos print out?
After a session is over the printer will start printing immediately. It takes about 8 – 10 seconds to print your picture that will last a lifetime. By the time your guest return the props the pictures are ready !

What photo sizes are available?
We offer more choices then any other photo booth company on the market. You can choose 2x6 inch strips, 4x6 postcard size and all new 6x9 large print! There may be additional charges for the 6x9 option.

Are the photos of high quality?
Yes. With the combination of our State Of The Art Computer, printer and digital camera Flash Photo Booths provides you with highest quality photos that are clear and vibrant with natural tones. 

How big is the Photo Booth?
The photo booth is approximately 41/2 feet wide x 6 feet long and it is 6 1/2 feet tall. The photo booth will take up approximately 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ of floor space. We also setup a prop table which is 2 1/2 feet by 6 ft. In total we would like to have 8x8 ft of space to allow for comfortable space for your guest to enter and exit the booth.

Are there limitations as to where the photo booth can be set-up?
No major limitations! We need a solid dry space and a regular 3 prong power outlet (like the one found in your home or office), ideally within few feet to eliminate running excessive extension cords, but can easily run extensions if needed. Outdoor settings are just fine as long as weather permits. Please note that the sunshine may play a role in picture quality and light settings inside the booth as the sun moves, usually not a major issue. 

How many people can fit inside the photo booth?
Our booth is a stand-up style booth meaning there is no bench or chairs inside. You walk in and stay standing. Depending on your groups ability to organize a crowd our booths can fit 15 people!

How much time is needed to set up and take down the photo booth?
We would like to have one hour for setup and about 25 mins for take-down. Setup and take-down is free and done on our own time and does not interfere with your booking hours. 

Does the photo booth have a monitor inside?
Yes, our booths are equipped with 19" touch screen monitors allowing your guests to see image previews and chose between color and black and white.

What if I want more than one copy of the images from the event?
Not a problem. We offer double prints of all images for only a low flat fee of $49.00. 2x6 photo strips come in double prints for free!

Is the photo booth easy to use?
The photo booth is VERY easy to use. Just follow the easy instructions on the touch screen. Your pictures are taken and displayed within a second. Prints are available outside of the booth in less then 10 seconds.

Will there be someone at the event such as an attendant to maintain the photo booth?
Yes. Professional, friendly and uniformed attendants will monitor the booth for the entire event and make sure your guests are assisted as needed. 

Will you publish our photos on the internet?
We respect your privacy and the privacy of your guests, We will not post pictures online. At the end of the event we will give the host a USB drive with all the images from the event in a JPEG format. They are for you to keep or post online sharing sites. However with the hosts written permission we may use your picture as a sample on our website or promotional material. 

When do you recommend we rent the Photo Booth?
As soon as you decide to use Flash Photo Booths. We want you to have a date of your choice booked ASAP so that we can service your event. Some months and weekends are extremely popular so the sooner you book the better chances of date availability.

Do you provide props?
Yes, we bring props with every Flash Photo Booth rental. Props are sanitized after every event.

Can we supply our own props?
Yes. we encourage you to bring along any special props that your guests may enjoy taking pictures with. Props that suggest inside jokes are always fun to build your pictures with.

Can we personalize the prints?
Yes. You can chose from 2x6"  strip style prints or a popular 4x6" postcard size print.  You also have the option of adding text to the prints (such as your event name) a logo or your picture . You may also add a logo with a date or other special information. Our design team will go over this with you about a week before your event and create a personalized template that you will love. 

How many photos can we take?
With every package the “fun” is unlimited, your guest can take as many pictures as they want for the duration of the rental.

How long should I rent the photo booth for?
A typical photo booth session is about 50 seconds, that includes time to enter the booth, take pictures and exit. To ensure that everyone gets a chance to use your Flash Photo Booth you should plan on at least 2 hours for every 75-80 guests. A simple way up to 80 guests 2 hrs, 80-150 3hrs 150+ 4 hours or more.  Most of our customers like to have the 4 hour package for events held at venues giving the guest time for other activities. 

Can we have the photo booth setup early without paying full price?
Yes our booths can be idle at your event and not used. The idle hours are billed at a reduced rate of $55.00 per hour. This is a great option for many types of events. For example your wedding starts at 4pm but would like to start the photo booth at 6pm and run until 10pm. We can setup the booth early at 4pm so that way we are not setting up during your event and only bill you idle fee, in this case you would purchase a 4 hour rental with a 2 hour idle fee. 

Can we rent more than one photo booth for our event?
Yes. We are the largest Photo Booth company in the area we can always provide you double the fun! It is a very popular option for fundraisers and large seminars. 

Can we choose to have only Color or only Black and White Photos?
Yes. You can choose either Color or Black and White. Your guest simply choose on the touch screen inside the booth.  They can always return to the booth for a second round of fun picture taking!

Can we use the photo booth to help raise money for our charity, school or church?
Yes. Please call us and we can talk to you about ways to do this. We are also open to suggestions. Remember we do offer rental discounts for schools, churches and non-profits. 

What if I need to cancel or change dates?
If you need to change your date, you may do so by a written request and we will honor your deposit for the new date based on availability. There is a $50 change fee. If you need to cancel your order entirely, any money paid as a deposit cannot be returned. We will however apply your deposit to any future date no matter when or how far out your new date may be based on availability. 

What is your payment policy?
We require a $250 deposit. 10 days prior to the event the final payment is due. Full payment is required for any event less then 30 days remaining from date of booking.  We accept checks, money orders and all major credit cards.

What if there is a mechanical failure during the event?
Our on-site Host will work as fast as possible to resolve any issues. We guarantee that our Photo Booths will be running at least 75% of the time due to any problem. This will be pro-rated and done at our discretion. Not to worry, we are professional and work fast to remedy any unforeseen problem. If a major problem was to happen and another unit was needed, we are  fast in replacing the needed unit. This has never happened!

Does an attendant come with the rental?
Yes. All packages include at least one on-site Host for the duration of the event.

Do you have insurance?
Yes. We have $1 Million liability insurance. Most event venues will ask you or us about this, but no worries, we are covered and can provide proof of coverage when needed at no cost to you! Our rental agreement holds us free of liability but provide the proof of insurance to satisfy the event venue.

Can I buy more hours and keep the booth longer at the event?
Yes we would love to stay longer and entertain your guests! You can purchase a full hour for $150 or half hour for $90. Please keep in mind the extra time is based on availability and next event schedules.

What background colors can I choose from?
We have a few colors to choose from: Black, medium bright red or medium Grey. We have found that these background colors work best. If you have a special request please let us know and we will work with you. We do however suggest a black background as it eliminates shadows and provides a solid backdrop.

We are sure you have some questions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer to your question please feel free to call us at 1-877-94FLASH and we will be happy to assist!